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Med-Beauty Services

Service Description

We cannot accept online bookings right now. Please call us to book your appointments. Our prices and duration listed on the website are not absolute as situations vary per client, it would be best to call us to get suggestions and quotes. If the service you're interested in is not listed below, contact us, we may not have it listed. Thank you for your cooperation and sorry for the inconvenience. Services: 1. Spots ($100+/session) 2. Rosacea ($320+/session) 3. Damage (Needs consultation) 4. Anti-Wrinkle ($300/session) 5. Facial Lifting ($300/session) 6. Freckle/Sun Spots ($75/spot) 7. Stretch Marks ($300+/session) 8. Facial Veins ($100+/session) 9. Leg Veins ($100+/session) 10. Telangiectasia ($100+/session) 11. Broken Capillaries ($100+/session) 12. Birthmark ($100+/session) 13. Skin Rejuvenation ($600/session) 14. Tattoo Removal ($220+/session) 15. Skin Booster ($375) 16. Eye Treatment ($375) 17. Photorejuvenation ($450) 18. Laser Pigmentation ($600) 19. Laser Freckle ($600)

Contact Details

  • 9390 Woodbine Ave #310, Markham, Ontario, Canada

    (905) 887-9188

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